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Disparties, Racism & Ageism Amid COIVD-19

August 28th, 2020|

The Elevate Eldercare podcast this week is most timely given the headlines concerning protests about social injustice in Wisconsin. Susan Ryan, Green House Senior Director, interviewed Karyne Jones, the president & CEO of the National Caucus and Center on Black [...]

How They Made the Mold

August 21st, 2020|

We had a trip down memory lane and the inside scoop from two innovative The first Green House home in Tupelo, MS. leaders on the most recent Elevate Eldercare episode. Susan interviewed the creator and founder of The [...]

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A Nurse Says, “Safety Third”

August 14th, 2020|

We could entitle the latest “Let me say This about That,” Nurse-Speak for Dummies as Mary Hopfner-Thomas, my co-host, and I (two non-nurses) unpack the conversation between two nurses, Green House Senior Director Susan Ryan and Tammy Marshall, chief experience officer at [...]

The Art of Being a CNA Amid COVID-19

July 19th, 2020|

Working on a memory care unit where consistency is a vital component to the mental and emotional well-being for those in our care has become uniquely challenging.

Awe and Gratitude Amid COVID-19

March 23rd, 2020|

Audrey WeinerFormer President & CEOThe New Jewish Home On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, Vice Chair Audrey Weiner delivered some very heartfelt remarks to Green House partners last week as they gathered virtually to share updates [...]

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