An Approach that Focuses on Accomplishments Rather than Losses

Created by GHP in 2017, Best Life is a unique and holistic dementia care approach that helps people and organizations support those living with dementia to live rich and rewarding lives.

As a standalone educational and training option for progressive-minded memory care, assisted living, and nursing home providers, Best Life is designed for all team members.


Best Life focuses on the accomplishments of people living with dementia (as opposed to their losses) thus enabling them to thrive beyond their diagnoses. Education begins with an examination of society’s own fears and misperceptions about dementia, which can unintentionally devalue people and prevent them from living full lives.

Four Principles

What sets Best Life apart from other dementia care approaches is its strong foundation in GHP’s core values of meaningful life, empowered staff, and real home, as well as its four principles, as follows:

Power of Normal

Best Life strives to create a culture of normalcy to allow for individuals to live in the least restrictive environment possible and experience culturally typical activities.

Focus on Retained Abilities

Best Life focuses on the value of providing PLWD the ability to experience real relationships with pets, nature, and people of all ages.

Dignity of Risk

Best Life illuminates the reality that there is dignity in ensuring the right of PLWD to take risks.


Best Life advocates for PLWD to have expanded experiences and choices, as well as the right for rehabilitation.

Best Life Memory Care Approach

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