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Green House in the News
Green House in the News2021-07-19T12:59:20-04:00

Getting Old Needs a New Look

The advantages of thinking smaller can be illustrated by the Green House Project, a national organization founded in 2003 that has created a network of 300 intimately scaled residential [...]

Local News

The senior living industry will never be the same

"The Green House model costs no more to the consumer than traditional facilities and offers a philosophy of care that emphasizes quality of life, emotional well-being, and elder choice. That has led to everything from better clinical outcomes to higher levels of family and elder satisfaction and lower depression rates among elders."

Interview with Edie Morgan, Founder of The Mustard Seed Project

The word “facility” was outlawed when talking about the Green House Project. The word “home” evolved to mean “facility” in the past, but we’re taking it back and embracing the real meaning. It’s never going to be exactly like a person’s very own home, but the concept of care revolves around each individual and their preferences and their needs, their lifestyle, their skills and abilities, their memories.

Mustard Seed Begins Building First Home for KP Elders

“What we’re building is a Green House Project model; it’s a small-hearth home model, so for example if there’s a resident whose family wants to come and bake cookies, they can do that in the common kitchen. The whole effort is to make it feel like home and not a facility."

A New Culture of Aging

Join Green House Project founder Dr. Bill Thomas, Green House adopter Matt Trimble of Saint Elizabeth Community, and Navigator Elder Homes of New England CEO Renee Lohman for a discussion about Navigator's new Green House-inspired development on Martha's Vineyard, as well as the overall future of elder-directed care.

Calling All Elders

"Once fully funded and all regulatory boxes checked, elders needing nursing support or rehabilitation will have the option of communal living with private bedrooms and baths, shared living and dining space, a country kitchen, and a sense of independence. In other words, a place that provides licensed, skilled nursing, but contained in a setting that feels and looks more like home."

Hospital Buys Land for New Nursing Home

"According to preliminary project plans, the hospital, in partnership with Navigator Elder Homes of New England, wants to build an approximately 70-bed skilled nursing facility using the Green House elder home model.

Site Plan Approved For Lutheran Green House Project

"Lutheran received a $5.9 million state grant for the project, with an additional $1.5 million from foundations. Lutheran is expected to invest more than $15 million in the estimated $22 million project ...

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