GHP partners with organizations, advocates, and communities to lead the transformation of institutional long-term and post-acute care by creating viable homes that demonstrate more powerful, meaningful, and satisfying lives, work, and relationships.


GHP envisions homes in every community where Elders and others enjoy excellent quality of life and quality of care; where they, their families, and the staff engage in meaningful relationships built on equality, empowerment, and mutual respect; where people want to live and work; and where all are protected, sustained, and nurtured without regard to the ability to pay.

Since 2003, Green House has transformed eldercare as we know it.

The Green House® Project (GHP) is a not-for-profit organization founded on the belief that everyone has the right to age with dignity. GHP seeks to protect this right by destigmatizing aging and humanizing care for all people through the creation of radically non-institutional eldercare environments that empower the lives of people who live and work in them.

The Green House team has helped organizations across the United States and the world to implement design and operational changes that lead to better outcomes for residents, substantially lower workforce turnover, and significantly higher occupancy than traditional nursing homes.

Since 2022, GHP is formally allied with Pioneer Network under our shared non-profit parent, the Center for Innovation.

Eldercare Made for This Moment

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