The Center for Innovation Team

The Green House Project and Pioneer Network are now part of the Center for Innovation, the new home of eldercare transformation in the United States and around the world.

The CFI team consists of experts in the fields of aging services, business and finance, communications, marketing, and health care. With many years of culture change experience, the team has developed relationships with thought leaders, policymakers, and other key stakeholders to expand CFI’s reach and deepen our impact.

“I build positive partnerships in the healthcare community that will promote the well-being of elders, and transform the field of aging.”

Susan has spent decades working with elders as a nurse and change agent. She has worked in a variety of eldercare settings and helped to lead her previous organization’s transformation to culture change by assessing industry innovation and developing strategic and educational protocols.

Marla Devries

“Advocacy and education have been the pillars of my career. I am fulfilled when I can equip others with tools for success that empower them to truly make a difference in people’s lives.”

Marla has more than 30 years of experience advocating for change and working to create person-directed organizations where elders and those working with them can thrive. Beginning as a long-term care ombudsman and later as a culture change advocate, Marla utilizes her skill set to educate, support, and impact eldercare.

“It is a pleasure and a privilege for me to work with an organization that champions high-quality, person-centered living solutions for individuals in need of supportive care. The Center for Innovation is truly a leader in change.” 

Colleen Kammar is a certified public accountant with more 30 years of professional experience working with public, private, and non-profit organizations. She has held senior management positions at several high-growth organizations, with extensive work in operations, investment, and large-scale mergers. Colleen has worked for CFI since June 2017.

“I am inspired to be a part of a mission-based organization so aligned with my passion to change the culture of eldercare. My goal is to educate individuals and organizations about the ways the Center for Innovation can help providers create and maintain dignified, empowering eldercare cultures. I believe that The Green House Project, Pioneer Network, and EmpowerED are the premium platforms to support elders.”

Krista DiGeorge develops relationships with senior living organizations and leaders to better understand where they are in their journeys — and determine a beneficial path for collaboration. This relationship continues with members of the LinkedUp peer network to ensure lasting, sustained success. Krista is available to learn more about your organization, so feel free to reach out at

I am honored to be part of the Center for Innovation, where I can broaden my reach and mission of being a voice of inspired change for elders. The Green House Project, Pioneer Network, and EmpowerED are the premium platforms to support elders. My passion is ensuring elders experience a person-directed meaningful life filled with purpose and joy.”

Stacey Bergmann serves as the primary liaison to LinkedUp, the Green House peer network, and Pioneer Network state coalitions. Stacey also serves as the president of VOICE PA, a non-profit advocating for person-directed care practices in Pennsylvania. Stacey — an advanced practice certified therapeutic recreation specialist and dementia consultant — previously owned B-Enriched Living, a consulting firm focused on enriching the lives of older adults.

“After covering the COVID-19 pandemic in nursing homes, I knew I had to do more to fix long-term care in America than just write about the systemic problems.”

Alex works to educate a variety of stakeholders – including policymakers, elected officials, reform advocates, and industry groups – on the benefits of person-directed care and small-home alternatives to traditional nursing homes. He is an experienced writer and editor who helped launch Skilled Nursing News, a leading industry trade publication with a specific focus on finance and reimbursement, in 2017. Alex’s work has also appeared in the Boston Globe and the Boston Business Journal.

“After seeing the realities of nursing homes in the United States and studying the oncoming demographic changes both here and abroad, I believe that it is our responsibility to support innovative models of care to meet the needs of elders now and in the future.” 

Ella has experience in a wide variety of non-profit fields, from civic engagement to public radio to aging services. Most recently, she spent a year with Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly (LBFE Chicago) as a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. A former intern at The Green House Project, she has also volunteered for many years in nursing homes and is committed to changing our culture’s relationship to aging.

Carol Dumond Stryker

“I feel excited, energized, and grateful to work with The Green House Project team. I passionately believe The Green House Model is the gold standard. There are few moments in life that can be compared to seeing the joy that elders, family members, and team members experience Green House Home operating.”

Carol has spent over 35 years working with elders working as a C.N.A, LPN, RN, Nurse Manager, Assistant Director of Nursing, and Director of Nursing. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, a Master’s Degree in Health Care Leadership and Doctoral Degree in Executive Leadership. She is passionate about improving the quality of life that elders experience.

“I believe that elders have unique wisdom to offer the world, and this model enables them to live full and meaningful lives, regardless of their health needs. I am honored to be a part of this project that is creating meaningful lives for elders and those working closest to them.”

Mary worked for 19 years in corporation communications before she decided to get her master’s at UMBC’s Erickson School of Aging Studies and pursue a career with elders. In her role as Education Coach, Mary helps organizations implement The Green House model successfully, providing the tools, resources, and education necessary for a deep and slip-resistant transformation.

“I’m excited to put my financial experience to work for providers that embrace the Green House and Pioneer models. I’ve seen firsthand that elder-directed living works both operationally and financially, so let’s build something new together.”

Jim Clark oversees financial modeling for Green House communities under development. He also currently serves as the senior director of portfolio management and analytics at Bausch & Lomb in Rochester, N.Y. In his earlier role as CFO for St. John’s Living, he provided financial support for the Penfield Green House community in the Rochester suburbs.

“I’m honored to be part of a Center for Innovation team that is leading the way in helping the long-term care sector devise ways to create small houses and community-focused residences that transform the experience of elders living with disabilities, while enabling staff to deliver care in a way they find deeply satisfying.”

Anne Montgomery is an experienced policy strategist and health services researcher specializing in long-term care and support systems for older adults and individuals living with disabilities. Now an independent consultant, Anne served the U.S. Congress for a decade as an analyst for the Senate Special Committee on Aging and the House Ways & Means Committee. She has also worked at the Government Accountability Office, the Alliance for Health Policy, and as a managing director of the Center for Eldercare Improvement at Altarum.

Systems designed to achieve an outcome of individualized connection yield quality and financial outcomes needed to make long-term care and aging with community a world worth working for. Life can be different for our aging loved ones and those who dedicate their lives partnering with them.” 

Rebecca collaborates with senior living leaders to advance cultural transformation with design, financial modeling, regulatory application, and project management. Through creative problem-solving approaches, Rebecca collaborates with leaders to successfully bring about sustainable change in a highly regulated industry where margins and mission must both live.

Debbie Wiegand
“Every elder deserves to live a life of purpose and meaning; therefore, I dedicate my work to creating Green House homes in every community across America.”

Debbie has spent her entire career as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, engaging in and leading transformative change in the field of long-term care. Her experience in operations, culture change, design, and education, provides the necessary insight to partner with visionary leaders desiring the best future possible for elders.

Janet Wright
“Making a difference in the lives of elders, especially those living with dementia, has been a passion for me since when I was a young girl. My first inspirations were my grandfather, who lived with us, and singing for elders at our local nursing home. I’m grateful that my role with The Green House Project will allow me to continue advocating for elders.”

Janet has spent more than 20 years in the aging services field, in admissions, sales, and outreach capacities. She holds numerous education certificates from the Alzheimer’s Association, Argentum, and other sales and marketing educational entities. Most recently, Janet served as director of admissions at Brook Grove Retirement Village, a CCRC in Sandy Spring, Md.

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