Backed by Evidence

The Green House model is the only culture change model that is backed by ongoing research that evaluates quality of care, quality of life, and financial viability. The Green House model has been proven to increase occupancy rates and revenues, while maintaining operating costs equivalent to a traditional nursing home.

Green House Overview

Not sure how to explain the advantages of Green House homes to key stakeholders? Explore this quick one-pager with an overview of the model and a selection of powerful data.

Beyond Nursing Homes

We challenged a group of forward-thinking eldercare leaders to envision the future of services and supports — completely unburdened by the models of the past. The answers provide a blueprint for providers across the care continuum.

Experience the Green House Difference

Think the Green House model doesn’t work from an operational or financial standpoint? Think again. Learn how Green House homes outperform traditional nursing homes.

Real Workforce Solutions

We convened a task force of Green House adopters to discuss and share top recruitment, training, and retention strategies that actually work.

Reduce the Spread of Covid-19

Research conducted during the pandemic has demonstrated that the Green House model is highly effective in preventing and mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on elders.

Research Summary

4x More Staff Engagement Time

23–31 minutes more direct care time per elder per day

4X more staff engagement time with elders

Costs Less to Taxpayers

$1,300 to $2,300 less in total Medicare and Medicaid costs per resident over 12 months for residents in Green House vs. traditional nursing homes.

Preferred by Families

Preferred by Families

“Significantly better outcomes than a nursing facility in family experience and in all global satisfaction items.”

Compelling Return on Investment

7% higher overall occupancy
24% higher private pay occupancy
= or less in capital costs
0% change in staffing costs

Where Love Matters

Elders in Green House homes have the same acuity as in traditional Nursing Homes.  Caregivers spend 4x more time in direct care. 

If you’re ready to create homes for elders that demonstrate more powerful, meaningful, and satisfying lives, call us today.