Comprehensive Culture Change in Traditional Settings

Since 2003, The Green House® Project (GHP) has partnered with dozens of long-term care providers and developers to build nearly 400 radically non-institutional eldercare homes across the country in 32 states.

While building new Green House homes is ideal, some providers and developers have land or capital constraints that make other options more viable. GHP’s Cultural Transformation services were designed so that progressive-minded organizations can affiliate with GHP outside of the Green House trademark. And now together with Pioneer Network, a leader in long-term care culture change since 1997, our expertise and experience has never been deeper.

Change the Culture

Through Cultural Transformation, both developers and “traditional” providers can move beyond culture-change initiatives to create innovative and impactful models of care while leveraging the power of the GHP brand.

With more than 20 years of experience and evidence base, Cultural Transformation is designed to broaden the reach and deepen the impact of GHP’s mission by helping providers implement comprehensive culture change in their traditional structures.

Transform the Care

Through Cultural Transformation, providers gain access to an ecosystem of leading-edge solutions and experienced design consultation to create the following:

  • Real Homes with Meaningful Lives and Empowered Staff: Take advantage of unique education and train-the-trainer approaches to implement transformation that aligns with our core values.
  • Sustainable Change:  Ensuring model integrity is an important aspect to preventing organizations from slipping back into institutional practices. our signature model fidelity tools and practices are critical elements to ensuring culture change is sustained and endures. Cultural Transformation adopters join a network of thought leaders to share ideas, lessons learned, and more to support consistent, ongoing, and enduring change.

Strengthening the care force — paid and unpaid, formal and informal — remains the top challenge in the eldercare space today, and it will only become […]

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