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Green House in the News
Green House in the News2022-03-28T13:21:47-04:00

Getting Old Needs a New Look

The advantages of thinking smaller can be illustrated by the Green House Project, a national organization founded in 2003 that has created a network of 300 intimately scaled residential [...]

From our house to “God’s house”

Over the last decade, the medical practice of elder care has come to recognize the importance of well-designed housing as foundational to the well-being of the elderly. Leading geriatrics [...]

An Industry Ripe For Innovation

What design/architecture trend in senior living design do you think is right for the sector? Dillard: "'Compartmentalization’” used to be a dirty word in senior living communities. Now, it [...]

Local News

Hospital Buys Land for New Nursing Home

"According to preliminary project plans, the hospital, in partnership with Navigator Elder Homes of New England, wants to build an approximately 70-bed skilled nursing facility using the Green House elder home model.

Site Plan Approved For Lutheran Green House Project

"Lutheran received a $5.9 million state grant for the project, with an additional $1.5 million from foundations. Lutheran is expected to invest more than $15 million in the estimated $22 million project ...

New Walnut Ridge nursing home targets late fall opening

A new nursing home that’s only the sixth of its kind in Arkansas is close to being completed. “No one can plan for a pandemic, but they did a great job of doing that and we’re still right on schedule for a late fall open and we’re proud of that,” vice president of strategic operations John Montgomery said.

Green House Cottages of Walnut Ridge slated to open this fall

In the Green House Cottages, elders live in a home-like environment. In contrast to traditional nursing homes with long hallways lined with rooms, the facility is made up of small cottages with private suites surrounding a common living area.

Green House Cottages celebrates fifth anniversary

"The elders are happier in this atmosphere,” stated Rhonda Hall, registered nurse at Green House Cottages. "What you’re doing is observing them on a more personal level and interacting with them more."

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