Steve McAlilly receives award for 20 years of work with Green House Project

Published On: August 7th, 2023By Categories: Local News Items, In The News, Mississippi

The Green House concept just makes perfect sense for elder care, McAlilly said.

Each approximately 6,500 square-foot house accommodates 10 or 12 elders. Residents have private rooms with private bathrooms. Staff members surround elders with the care and support they need, from cooking and serving meals to planning activities with residents. At the center of the home is a large common room with a hearth and seating area for residents to socialize and watch television together.

“It’s built around the concept of home,” McAlilly said. “It’s their home, and we just happen to work there.”

“Probably the most profound thing we’ve seen is that people who were in a traditional nursing home setting, who really weren’t eating well or walking much or talking much, they come back to life when they move into a Green House home,” McAlilly said.

“They’re the people who made us who we are,” McAlilly said of the people he serves. “We’re called to honor, respect and love them. That’s what our organization does. That’s what I try to do in my work.”

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