Poydras Home’s Green House Project Aims to Destigmatize Aging

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"A hallmark of The Green House Project is the elimination of the institutional feel of traditional, long-hallway nursing facilities. Instead, care is provided in small groups, in family-style settings. Big changes include private accessible bathrooms for each room and secure medicine cabinets that eliminate the need for rolling nurses’ carts. The nurses have an office, rather than a station. And there’s even a fire pit outside for residents to enjoy with each other and their families."

Poydras Home Unveils $23M Expansion and New Model of Care

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“Today, the head of our hospitality department is doing culinary training with our care partners,” said Erin Kolb, Poydras Home CEO, at the event. “They will be cooking meals. Laundry will be done in a home, just like you and I live in. And that is one of the core values of a Green House home: creating meaningful life each day for the elders who live in that home and having a dedicated team of empowered staff to provide care.” “I am alive for these parties,” Holt said with a smile as music blared, people danced and others played yard games. “I love it up here. There’s no comparison.”

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