COVID-19 Cases & Deaths in Green House Skilled Nursing Homes vs. National Totals

Occupancy Rates in Green House Skilled Nursing Homes Compared to CMS Occupancy Data

The charts and tables above reflect a months-long research project in partnership with the University of North Carolina, during which data was gathered from Green House homes around the country, analyzed, and compared to data gathered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for all nursing homes nationwide.

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Revealing the divide: Contrasting COVID-19 outcomes in Green Houses and traditional nursing homes in the United StatesGeriatric Nursing, 2024:

“The Green House model has demonstrated promising outcomes with lower COVID-19 case and mortality rates, fewer hospital admissions, lower caregiver turnover rates, and potential cost savings for CMS when compared to traditional nursing homes.”

COVID-19 case and mortality rates lower in green houses compared to traditional nursing homes in New York stateGeriatric Nursing, 2023:

“Based on our study results, residents of Green House homes were older and sicker with a higher acuity index; yet COVID-19 incidence and mortality rates were lower when compared to traditional nursing homes. This better outcome for GH residents may be attributable to many factors including greater autonomy for GH residents; increased opportunity for interaction with family, staff, and community; a higher proportion of private pay residents; plus higher job satisfaction and low turnover rates among aides.”

A study published in the Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine examines data gathered and analyzed by the University of North Carolina between Jan. 20 and July 31, 2020.

The study found that COVID-19 incidence and mortality rates are less in Green House homes than rates in traditional nursing homes that have less than 50 and greater than 50 beds, especially among the higher and extreme values.

“Green House [homes] are a promising model of care as NHs are reinvented post-COVID,” the authors stated.

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