Celebrating the Vital Role of Nurses in Green House Homes

Published On: May 11th, 2022By Categories: Blog, LinkedUp Member Stories

In recognition of National Nurses Week, May 6-12, it’s more important than ever to acknowledge the connection, creativity and love these devoted and hardworking caregiving professionals bring to elders and long-term care.

This week, Green House Project senior director Susan Ryan gathered a group of veteran nurses and nurse educators during a special “Elevate Eldercare” podcast episode to explore these important elements. The podcast also offered nursing professionals the opportunity to discuss how they can better harness their power to build stronger partnerships that benefit elders, families, and their communities.

The deep connections nurses forge with elders in long-term care is essential, according to Ivy Gordon-Thompson, nursing director at The Woodlands, a Green House community at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach, Fla. When nurses really know the elders and their families, they can approach care more effectively. “It’s not just doing tasks,” she said.

Lora Perryman of Poydras Home – a community in New Orleans that’s embracing the model and is expected to open Green House homes later this year – agreed. She believes a holistic care model that includes elders’ minds, bodies, and souls demonstrate that despite their age, “you can still live; you can still enjoy,” she said. “I want them to have a good life. They have so much wisdom to share.”

Building consensus and improving communication are among the ways nurses can break down cultural barriers and impact care in their communities. The Green House Project is ready to help nurses achieve that goal.  

Carol Dumond-Stryker is a project coach at the Green House Project with many years of experience as a nurse and educator. Through her work, she strives to “grow nurses and make the system work for elders.” She wants to help organizations infuse person-centered care and practices in communities.

Marla DeVries, the Green House Project’s chief learning officer, understands the vital role nurses play in changing the culture of a community. Her goal is to give nurses the tools to develop effective partnerships that shift mindsets and improve quality of life and care.

Together, GHP and the Pioneer Network are proud to help nurses receive needed leadership training. There will be many opportunities for nurses and others in the field to learn, network, and re-energize during the Pioneer conference July 27-30 in Denver. One of the highlights of Pioneering a New Culture of Aging will be a pre-conference workshop on nurse leadership.

The workshop will focus on better understanding what partnership means, along with practical and tangible steps nurses can take to successfully build partnerships and equip leaders to support teams to meet the wants and needs of elders.

Check out the conference agenda and get information on registration and hotels at https://www.pioneernetwork.net/pioneering-a-new-culture-of-aging-2022-conference

We salute the efforts of nurses everywhere and are committed to helping them bring about needed change while caring for elders with kindness and affection. Happy Nurses Week!

Listen to the Elevate Eldercare podcast on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, or via The Green House Project’s website, www.thegreenhouseproject.org/podcast.