Learn From Your Peers

The Green House Project is thrilled to announce the launch of a year-long peer-to-peer learning initiative focused on supporting your team members in caring for elders living with dementia.

COVID Lessons

The past nearly two years has taught us many lessons in long-term care, and The Green House Project is committed to applying these insights to offer our best support to you. We know your time is valuable! Every meeting and every ask we make of team members needs to be weighed against the potential return on investment for tying up their time.

What You Get

  • Recorded overview of GHP Best Life approach for team member learning
  • Team attendance at monthly virtual sessions
  • Dementia-related didactic presentations by dementia experts
  • One-page summary of didactic presentations with suggested action items to implement
  • PowerPoint, didactic content recordings, and facilitator guide
  • Case presentations with peer and expert feedback
  • Opportunity to present a dementia support case
  • Access to dementia experts
  • Nursing and Administrator continuing education credits*

*This program has been submitted (but not yet approved) for Continuing Education for 12 total participant hours from NAB/NCERS. The Green House Project is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by Maryland Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Here are a few of the comments from the 2019-2020 Best Life learning cohort:

  • “I think these sessions have been very valuable both with respect to the sessions themselves and the learning that the team has had in their subsequent discussions after the sessions”
  • “I think there is so much more that we can all learn from one another and different approaches.”
  • “Great best practice sharing and collaboration.”
  • “It brought us together as a team to really look at the whole person, how their experiences contribute to the current picture, and to examine our own bias in working with challenging situations.”
  • “Every ECHO call resulted in discussion among our team after the call, taking the case much further and applying it ourselves. Every time Al Power speaks, we learn and grow and gain knowledge. He is a gem, as is Mike Belleville.”

Check out the full flyer for additional information and links to support resources. We hope to see your team there!