Nursing Homes During the COVID-19 Pandemic—Resident and Staff Cases and Deaths

Green House homes are perhaps the ideal setting in which Elders live meaningful lives, where staff are empowered to provide high quality care, and given their physical design and focus on quality and data, the ideal setting to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases. Preliminary analyses here indicate that residents fared better in Green House homes, compared to traditional nursing homes (but not staff). Legislation at the federal and state levels could be introduced to incentivize the development of additional Green House homes–even encouraging their construction as the industry standard–including higher Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements and lifting the moratorium on new nursing home construction (in states like Florida, for example) exclusively for Green House home construction.

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  • The Center for Innovation, or CFI, the parent organization of the Green House Project and Pioneer Network, is reorganizing its leadership as it focuses on growth. Susan Ryan will serve as the Center for Innovation’s first CEO … Ryan has led GHP as it grew to include more than 370 homes in 32 states.”

  • “New HUD housing policy can align with and support calls for change in the nursing-home industry. Updating HUD’s existing public-private infrastructure with grants and loan terms targeted at specific innovations such as the small-home design, presents a logical place to originate much of the proposed reform that policy makers and consumers are advocating.”

  • “Research demonstrated the relative advantage of Green House homes over traditional nursing homes. Technical assistance made the model less complex for potential adopters and less expensive because technical assistance staff worked with states to mitigate potentially costly regulatory hurdles and provide a process and model for the development of Green House homes.”

  • “One way to attract and retain nursing home staff is to house them in nearby, affordable apartments, an idea used with success by at least several healthcare companies on the East Coast. The latest to create this employee benefit is Navigator Homes of New England. It is in development to bring Green House Project-inspired homes to 70 seniors with skilled nursing needs in Martha’s Vineyard.”