$1.3B in Funding for Small Homes in Peril

Green House Project Senior Director Susan Ryan said in a statement to Skilled Nursing News that while the organization fully supports the efforts included in the bill, leaving out the pilot program “is a missed opportunity to strike at the heart of the problems in the sector.”

“New guardrails on the current system will not change the fact that most nursing home residents live in outdated institutions with limited privacy, dignity, or autonomy,” Ryan said.

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  • “The Green House model costs no more to the consumer than traditional facilities and offers a philosophy of care that emphasizes quality of life, emotional well-being, and elder choice. That has led to everything from better clinical outcomes to higher levels of family and elder satisfaction and lower depression rates among elders.”

  • Those that build Green Houses or provide private rooms, for example, could get paid a higher rate from Medicaid, John Ponthie adds. The government could also offer more low-interest construction financing.

  • This not-for-profit organization committed to redefining traditional nursing homes has garnered extensive media exposure for defying the odds.

  • The word “facility” was outlawed when talking about the Green House Project. The word “home” evolved to mean “facility” in the past, but we’re taking it back and embracing the real meaning. It’s never going to be exactly like a person’s very own home, but the concept of care revolves around each individual and their preferences and their needs, their lifestyle, their skills and abilities, their memories.