At The Green House Project, we believe in building an eldercare landscape where everyone can receive high-quality care in the setting of their choice. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for changing long-term care for the better, or even for a single person’s health care needs over the course of the aging journey.

That’s why we embrace the power of Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), a federal initiative that provides community-based services for people who require a nursing home level of care.

In Detroit, the pioneers at Presbyterian Villages of Michigan and PACE Southeast Michigan have teamed up to build a unique model of care that captures the best of Green House living and community-based services and supports.

At PVM’s Thome Rivertown development, residents of the Green House homes can access a full range of services — rehab, medical care, social enrichment activities, and more — at the on-site PACE center. It’s a creative and collaborative relationship where a consistent PACE team oversees residents’ overall care plans, while caregivers at the Green House homes oversee the daily needs of elders — all at a lower cost than traditional nursing home care.

The overarching goal is to avoid institutional care and have elders remain in the community until the end of life, according to PACE Southeast Michigan CEO Mary Naber.

While the visionaries in Detroit are the first to operationalize a PACE-Green House collaboration, the model is straightforward and replicable in the communities across the country where both PACE programs and Green House homes offer services.

If you’re interested in pursuing a Green House-PACE partnership in your community, drop us a line at to get started!

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