At least 20% of nursing home residents receive antipsychotic drugs – often not because of an actual diagnosed condition, but rather because they fall into the pill paradigm, where caregivers see pills as the only real solution to manage “behaviors.”

It’s a persistent problem that continues to harm elders while attracting negative regulatory and media attention on the long-term care sector.

The Green House Project has always believed that Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia shouldn’t be managed exclusively with inappropriate antipsychotic drugs, but with strategies and processes designed to identify the root of unmet needs, respect elder autonomy, and improve quality of life without unnecessary medications.

Join Green House leaders, dementia care experts, and your LinkedUp peers for a FREE webinar series on practical strategies to break free from the pill paradigm in Green House homes. This series covers:

  • The current prevalence of antipsychotic use nationally and in Green House homes
  • Strategies for safely reducing unnecessary medication use
  • Tips to increase buy-in to drug reduction among all members of the interdisciplinary team
  • Opportunities for organizations to analyze their own antipsychotic drug strategies
  • Custom plans to break out of the pill paradigm at individual homes

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