Person-directed care is a pillar of The Green House Project and Pioneer Network philosophies. That emphasis on autonomy and empowerment also extends to the workforce, reaping serious rewards for staff and providers alike — including greater caregiver and family satisfaction, better care outcomes, and CNA turnover that’s 4.5 times lower than the national average in nursing homes.

Whether you’re an administrator, a member of the multidisciplinary team, or a leader in the long-term care continuum, this webinar brings relevant skillsets and tools to grow your leadership chops. Explore the power of your influence to effect change, discover strategies to enhance partnerships with team members and break down traditional silos, and strengthen your coaching skills.

This FREE webinar will equip attendees to fully leverage person-directed leadership in their unique and vital roles. You’ll leave with a better understanding of person-directed leadership and how to apply person-directed principles to overcome everyday challenges in your organization!