The COVID-19 pandemic has hit senior living providers in tragic and unprecedented ways. The devastating nature of the virus on older adults means that nursing home and assisted living staff members are now on the frontlines of a battle. In an effort to support our colleagues this fight, we set out to create a webinar series aimed at helping those who want to not only get through this crisis, but also elevate above the chaos to emerge more resilient and better than ever.

As the leader in the person-directed, small-house movement, we have tapped into our broad network of adopters, supporters, and advocates to create a power-packed series that offers strategies, knowledge, and tips from the lived experiences of those who have managed and endured outbreaks in their communities. In addition to being FREE, each webinar in this series is:

  • Drawn from the experiences of those on the frontlines of COVID-19.
  • Recorded so that you can sign up now and view later at your convenience.
  • Scheduled for a compact 30 minutes each, with attendee Q&A to follow.​​​​​​​
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For more information about this series, please contact Janet Wright at (410) 246-3806 or at