What engages residents in your community? Do you feel they have the opportunity to engineer and direct their own experiences when it comes to life engagement activities?

In our gathering, we’ll put our heads together and discuss ways to instantly infuse spontaneity and resident ownership into your tried-and-true activities/events. We’ll look at how low-cost devices, age/dementia-friendly reading, and other highly effective strategies give residents the support they need to exercise their voices, their creativity, their leadership skills, and their empathy for their peers.

You’ll leave with fresh ideas that truly materialize the Green House tenets in your work!

Session leader Susan Ostrowski is the co-creator and president of Reading2Connect, an integrated program which includes adapted books and training that enables adults living with cognitive changes to express their individuality, recall their pasts, share humor, and emotionally connect with peers, family, and staff. Susan will be joined by members of The Green House Project team.