Consultation Packages featured.pngThe Green House Project (GHP) has garnered a great deal of positive media attention since the onset of the pandemic, and for good reason. Ongoing research across the country has shown that Green House skilled nursing homes have a significiantly lower rate of COVID cases and deaths among elders than traditional nursing homes.   

In addition, the model's design and philosophy of care have been touted as exemplars for providers to consider in their efforts to ensure that the tragedy of COVID does not happen again to nursing home residents. This has led to robust interest in the development of Green House homes.

In response, GHP created consultation packages that address all levels of readiness in the development process. Each of the three packages described below is designed to help a prospective adopter through their development journeys with resources, tools, and guidance.

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Early Explorer

For individuals who do not yet have land or capital to build, but need to know the basics of getting started, this package comes with two hours of consultation.2.png

Tools and resources include the following: 

  • A Green House Readiness Checklist;
  • A document that contains key messaging for consumers;
  • Business planning consultation;
  • The Green House Trademark Qualifications;
  • A summary of research conducted on Green House over the years; and
  • A grassroots guide that illustrates the impact that advocates can have in creating Green House homes.


For individuals who may have some real estate development experience, as well as land and capital, this package offers up to four hours of consultation, guidance from Green House guides, and tools, 3.pngincluding the following: 

  • Green House Design Recommendations;
  • Architect Selection Guide;
  • Discussion about the pros and cons of building skilled nursing versus assisted living Green House homes;
  • High-level review of pertinent state regulatory requirements;
  • Green House floor plan examples;
  • Conversations with existing Green House adopters; and
  • Map of state Certificate of Need (CON) requirements.


For individuals who are have land and capital and are ready to dive into building a Green House home, this package includes up to 10 hours of consultation, tools, resources, and guidance that includes the following: 

  • A Green House Staff Study Report;
  • A Financial Feasibility Model tool, which includes a detailed template for determining the finanical viability of a development project;
  • A Green House Scenario Summary Tool.

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