Hello Neighbor!

Elders at the GH Cottages of Homewood are truly enjoying their new homes and the new opportunities the community offers

The Green House Cottages of Homewood recently opened nine Green House homes to replace their nursing home in Mena, Arkansas. In the first few weeks, elders were expressing how they missed seeing some of their friends who now lived in different homes.

Vicki Hughes, long time administrator of the nursing home, let them know that there is nothing stopping them from visiting those friends. Seeing this as an opportunity to honor the core values of “real home” and “meaningful life” Vicki and her staff encouraged elders to visit their neighbors. Elders visiting their friends in other Green House cottages has become a normal part of the community activities. Elders frequently get dressed up to visit friends who live in neighboring cottages. One elder, with the help of staff, makes her favorite banana muffins to give as a gift to her neighbors.

Each home takes turns hosting “competition day” where elders play checkers, Uno, etc. Elders have become the authors of their day-to-day lives in exciting ways not possible in the traditional nursing home.

Vicki, who has been on the culture change journey for many years, stated, “I didn’t realize the possibilities of these cottages. Never in my life did I dream it could happen this way!”