A Blueprint for Success

Each organization receives a comprehensive MERIT report from the Calvin University Center for Social Research.

The report contains MERIT results for an organization, including an overall result, scales, subscales, and results for individual questions. It also contains scores from the overall Green House Linked Up Network, consisting of all other sites that participated in MERIT that year.

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The report allows an organization to benchmark against other Green House, sites as well as against its own previous results over the previous three years. Each organization also receives a report of participant comments.

MERIT Staff Assessment results are based on a 5-point scale, with 5.0 as the best possible score. Organizations additionally receive a report of participant comments to supplement the objective measurements.

Results for All Green House Organizations

The LinkedUp network’s overall MERIT score and participation numbers (N) by year. Overall MERIT scores are presented for the past three years. The dotted line shows the LinkedUp Network’s average MERIT score across all three years.

Click here for a review of 2020 MERIT results for the Green House LinkedUp Peer Network, click here for the same report for the Sage network, and click here for a shorter executive summary of the 2020 results.

Want to see a copy of your organization’s last MERIT report? Click here to reach out to Marla DeVries at The Green House Project to receive a copy of the report.

I Got My Results. Now What?

Having your team members participate in the MERIT Staff Assessment is just the beginning. Taking the time to review the report findings, celebrate your successes, and create a plan to address areas of opportunity is how you make the most of MERIT.

MERIT Results Worksheet: A useful guide to walk through the MERIT report and develop an action plan based on an organization’s results.

Sample Results Worksheet: Download this version for an example of how the worksheet can guide your next steps.

Webinar Recordings: Click the links below for the full recordings of a three-part webinar series on how to operationalize your MERIT insights.


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