Notes from Meeting with Stephen Hammil, 10/11/2011

Published On: October 12th, 2011By Categories: Uncategorized

hi Team– We had a great inservice with Stephen yesterday and learned a lot of good information to utilize our online resources to their max! One of the most exciting things, is that we can create pages (the bucket) and posts (stuff to fill the bucket) through our website, that can be accessed by a URL, but is not visible to the public. This has great implications for The Peer Network, Project Workspaces, sharing resources and Team Collaboration!
Twitter: goal of 10 tweets/day– the main purpose of twitter is to link people to our website. So we will 1) tweet links to our blogs (say if it is a video or photo, because people like that) 2) retweet interesting headlines by following our key words (alternative nursing, culture change, etc) 3) conversational tweets, like if you are at a conference and want to amplify quotes from a session, or to direct people back to a facebook post. username: Greenhouse_Proj , password: greenhouseproject11
Facebook: we have great engagement, which means that people “like” and “comment” on things that are posted. It isn’t enough to have a lot of fans, we need people to be engaged in order for our posts to show up on their newsfeed. username: , password: engagement2010
Google Analytics: we will collect data from this site monthly to determine the impact of our online resources/communication, and the strength of our digital audience. username: , password: greenhouseproject09
Editorial Calendar : click here and add this link to your “favorites” we will use this template for adding in ideas for blog posts that come up during the month, they might be cool articles, highlights from a project, or an upcoming event. You don’t have to be the one who is going to write the post, but this is a central way to keep track of all of the newsworthy stuff that should be amplified to our target audience. This will also be where our google analytics reports are stored and tracked.