Green House Webinars for AHCA: Financial Implications, Overview of The Model

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Recently, Robert Jenkens and John Ponthie (Member, Summit Health) had the opportunity to present a series of webinars for members of the American Health Care Association (AHCA).  Below are links to view these webinars, archived on the AHCA website.  There is no cost, simply follow the instructions to register, and you will receive log in information!
AHCA/NCAL Green House® Webinar 1
Long waiting lists, high occupancy, and a 24 percent increase in private pay days indicate that consumers are voting for
GREEN HOUSE ® homes with their feet – in both the long-term and short stay markets – rewarding providers who have adopted this model of skilled nursing care.
New research to be published in NIC’s Senior Housing and Care Journal this September documents sustained improvements in resident satisfaction and clinical outcomes together with financial performance. This session will present newly available data on the financial and operational feasibility of the Green House program. Come and learn about:
a. Financial viability of Green House projects, including operating results, the business case, and adopters’ experiences in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors
b. The workflow of direct-care, clinical, and leadership staff and its impact on outcomes, operational efficiency, optimal resource allocations, and worker satisfaction.
c. Discuss regulatory and policy support for The Green House transformation.
AHCA/NCAL Green House® Webinar 2
Recorded on October 20, 2011 (90 minutes)
The Green House model is a de-institutionalized approach to long-term care, with significant philosophical, environmental, and organizational redesign. This session will discuss the model in detail, experience of adopters, research findings and financial outcomes of operating Green House homes. Come and learn about
a. Review the core principles of The Green House model and the workforce framework as a deep transformative model of work and care.
b. Share and discuss results from research and financial studies on the impact of the model on work flow and Nurse/Shahbaz clinical communication
c. Discuss the daily experience of Elders, Shahbazim, Nurses, Guides working within