Green House Project Named as Decade’s Top 10 Senior Design Innovations

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Long Term Care Living
March 23, 2011
Long Term Living magazine’s March issue rounds up the top 10 senior design innovations that have transformed nursing home and long term care in the past decade. It’s no surprise that The Green House Project not only makes the top 10, but it embodies nearly every other item on the list. Here’s a quick synopsis of the top 10 innovations compiled by Margaret P. Calkins, PhD, for Long Term Living:
THE GREEN HOUSE® PROJECT — Labeled by Provider Magazine as “the pinnacle of culture change”, The Green House Project proves that it is not only possible to live in a small home and receive skilled nursing care, it is a financially feasible alternative to traditional nursing homes. As the article notes, the model is so radical, “that a lot of professional caregivers and nursing home administrators still don’t believe it can be done. And yet it is. Ask those who live or are employed in a Green House and they will tell you, in no uncertain terms, that it works.”
As Calkin rightly points out, the post-war generation is poised to spur even more revolutionary design ideas as they live into their 60s, 70s and beyond. Read the full article 10 Senior Living Design Innovations here.
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