Instantly become an industry leader

When you align with The Green House® Project (GHP), you not only gain a family of expert consultants with backgrounds in nursing home administration, education, nursing, social work and more - as well as a peer network to help you envision, create, and operate homes - but also the power of a national brand.

Immediately tap into the strength of a national brand and a swirl of media coverage to jump start marketing locally.


"Engaging with The Green House Project has created a level of trust and involvement in our organization that surpasses all expectations"

Deb Reardanz, CEO, Clark Lindsey Retirement, Urbana, Illinois

"The Green House Project has the expertise and structure to help manage our process in a manner that gives our project the highest possibility of success."

John Ponthie, Member, Southern Health Resources, Arkansas

"We recognize that we are a part of a rapidly growing national movement to change the face of care and rehabilitation. Our elders deserve this."

Gerry Stryker, CEO, John Knox Village, Pompano Beach, FL

As you plan your grand opening, have a media kit ready for local radio and TV stations – packed with national media coverage from The New York Times, HuffPost, New York Magazine, Next Avenue, Wall Street Journal, AARP, and more.

The bottom line

Ramping up credibility on this scale on your own would be expensive…and take years. Backed by a national brand, you amplify your mission by leveraging a powerful media machine.

Let’s talk

To set up an exploratory consultation, contact us. Experts at The Green House Project will help you every step of the way.