Two Teams, One Goal

Two of the leading names in eldercare have combined forces to create a single address for long-term care transformation and reform.

We’re calling it the Center for Innovation, and it’s the new home of the Green House and Pioneer brands.

Providers that adopt Green House and Pioneer principles are at the forefront of innovation, offering best-in-class care and serving as the providers of choice in their communities. Together under the Center for Innovation banner, we’ll keep moving the sector forward into a better future for elders, families, and workers alike.

We envision a world where every elder regardless of income, race, and home ZIP code — can receive the highest quality care and supports in the setting of their choice, from home health to day programs to eldercare communities. The Center for Innovation is the eldercare community’s one-stop shop for consulting, education, and support, whether your organization has been living the Green House and Pioneer ideals for years or is just starting a culture-change journey.

Green House and Pioneer are better together, and we’re even better together with your support. We can’t wait to get to work for you.

Our Mission

Center for Innovation is the catalyst for person-directed living and empowered cultures in the community of one’s choice.

What’s New?

  • Expanded, more flexible Green House trademark to bring our model to more communities nationwide
  • Cultural transformation consulting and education services for any nursing home or assisted living community
  • Innovation studies to further expand and improve Green House and Pioneer’s elder-directed models

What’s the Same?

  • The Green House and Pioneer teams
  • Decades of experience in long-term care transformation
  • Green House and Pioneer education and training materials
  • Our admiration and respect for the leaders, visionaries, and caregivers who built these movements from the ground up

The Green House model delivers outstanding quality of care and quality of life for those who live and work in them.