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Green House homes and counting!

Radically re-thinking long-term care

Elderhood is an opportunity for continued growth and development. In Green House homes, Elders are deeply known as creative, resourceful, and whole people who deserve meaningful lives.  Relationships are the cornerstone of this model, where the Elders' natural rhythms and preferences are honored. It is a place where quality of life and quality of care go hand in hand.  

A Green House home is created from the ground up to foster the same feeling and experience you get from living in a real home. Each home is designed for 10 to 12 Elders, keeping it warm and personal. The comfort of private rooms and bathrooms are combined with the family-like atmosphere of open common spaces.

Core values include:

Meaningful Life

See elders thriving in Green House homes and hear deeply personal views of what makes life meaningful.

Empowered Staff

Discover why an organizational chart of a Green House home is powerfully different.

A Real Home

Find out the difference between a "home-like" environment and a real home, explained by Dr. Bill Thomas.

“It looks like you’re walking into a living room. There is always someone cooking and it smells good. It’s a homey, warm setting.”

Family Member

"If I’m not there, the next best thing is on the other side of the door. They are there for her as quick as I am.”

Family Member

“Makes me feel like I’m home.”

Blenda Jones, Elder

“I wanted to come here, I wanted my freedom. I love it here, this is my home.”

Doris Delanus, Elder, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

“I can do more here for myself.”

Lela Jasper, Elder

“To have my mother in law here is the next best thing to being at home.”

Pat Johns, Family Member of Elder

“My mother lived her during the happiest year of her life. She turned 101.”

Zoe Holland, Daughter of Elder