Eddy Village Green

Published On: July 21st, 2011By Categories: New York

Cohoes, NY
Operating: 16
In Development: 0
Square Feet per Home: 8170
Eddy Village Green is proud to be the first Green House project in New York State. At completion of the project, our neighborhood will consist of 16 Green House homes, with no legacy building. We are located in Cohoes, New York, just 10 miles from Albany. Eddy Village Green, formed by the merger of Eddy Cohoes Rehabilitation Center and Eddy Ford Nursing home, has been a member of the Cohoes community since 1975, and a proud affiliate of The Eddy network of services since 1988.
Project News
Learn more about Eddy Village Green at www.nehealth.com/Senior_Services/Nursing_Homes/Eddy_Village_Green.
Sponsoring Organization History
The Eddy was established in 1928 in Troy, New York, as a 19-bed nursing home. Today, The Eddy is an affiliate of Northeast Health, a comprehensive continuum of healthcare, supportive housing and community services that reaches 15 counties and serves more than 19,000 people every year.
Sponsoring Organization Mission
The Eddy’s services help maximize independence, quality of life and dignity of elderly individuals. Green House home development is the next step in fulfilling that mission.
Laurie Mante, Project Manager
(518) 237-5630
For Admission information:
Admissions Office, (518) 237-5630
421 W. Columbia Street
Cohoes, NY 12047