Laurie Mante

Published On: August 31st, 2011By Categories: Testimonials

Vice President, Residential Services Division
The Eddy/Northeast Health
We were a very early adopter of the Green House model. I feel the
Green House Project was very beneficial to our project, although now their
tools are much more sophisticated and comprehensive. Even with almost three years of operations under our belt, our relationship with the national
team continues to provide value in benchmarking our quality outcomes,
sharing best practices, and networking with other Green House projects, and continuing to research what works best and what areas we need to look
at doing things differently.
We are a very large organization, and we do not use many consultants.
That said, in undertaking a paradigm shift the magnitude of Green House, an outside relationship was key. We, as a leadership team, had also been
institutionalized, and sometimes we did not know what we did not know!
The support and training that the Green House project provided helped keep us on track and provided the tools we needed for all campus staff to make the transition. Less tangible but probably more valuable was their
support when we were losing faith in ourselves, their gentle guidance when we were losing our way, and their wisdom that kept us focused on the Elder’s (that seems so simple) when there were many, many distractions making that seem complicated. I would not have wanted to try to do this without them, and I certainly don’t think the final product would have been as good. I think there is a very real risk of running pretty, small, but traditional nursing homes without the accountability and commonality of mission that the Green House community fosters.