Create Social Connectedness in Your Community

This six-part webinar series addresses the lack of social connectedness that has adversely affected elders living in nursing homes and other settings since the onset of the pandemic. Created in partnership with IN2L, it examines and explores the options availble to providers for creating and ensuring social connectedness among elders.


WATCH HERE: Connected & Engaged: A Panel Discussion

Jack York, president and co-founder of IN2L, moderates a panel discussion of Green
House adopters will explain how they have utilized technology and other means to keep
elders engaged amid the pandemic.



WATCH HERE: Living with Risk: Finding the Balance

In this session, Al Power, MD, draws upon a familiar story--that of the coronavirus pandemic--to show how risk can cut two ways, and explore the complexity that underlies both the concept of risk and the factors that need to be considered in negotiating it. Drawing from the earlier talks in the series, as well as stories from his experience, Dr. Power helps us to appreciate what is meant by "the dignity of risk," and suggest a way to move toward an approach that considers both safety and quality of life.


WATCH HERE: Research & Recommendations

Anne Montgomery dicusses and examines a recent survey of nursing home residents by Altarum that provides a rare glimpse into how Covid-19 restrictions of nursing facilities have impacted nearly every aspect of resident life and led to the unintended consequence of drastically reducing frail elders’ connection to community and family, a fundamental human need. Anne and others discuss recommendations based on Altarum's findings.


WATCH HERE: The Role of Design in Promoting Social Connections

Emi Kiyota, PhD, founder of Ibasho, a model of eldercare that creates socially integrated
and sustainable societies that value elders. She will explain how Ibasho strengthens the social
ties of elders in the communities and harnesses their skills and experience to create a positive impact in the community. 

WATCH HERE: The Power of Technology to Facilitate Social Connections

Karen O’Hern, VP of product management for IN2L, will share insights from the company’s new research report on loneliness and highlight opportunities for engagement technology to create person-directed approaches to reducing social isolation among older adults.

Whether you have attended the previous five webinars in the series or you are joining for
the first time, this session synthesizes them all and offers recommendations for how to take
action on an individual and organizational level to impact isolation and disconnection. Join Green House Senior Director Susan Ryan and Director of Resource Development Marla DeVries as they utilize a reliable design framework to explore implementation strategies that are simple,
doable, and require minimal resources.