TimeSlips: Forget Memory – Try Imagination!

Published On: February 9th, 2015By Categories: Blog

Forget memory – try imagination!  That’s exactly what TimeSlips is asking of people living with dementia. According to TimeSlips.org  “The open, poetic language of improvisational storytelling invites people with memory loss to express themselves and connect with others.”  With TimeSlips, people living with dementia are invited to be creatively engage with others by telling stories about pictures that inspire the imagination.

The result? Improved communication, mood and affect among people with dementia. It also improves attitudes about dementia among staff, medical students and general college students. TimeSlips is an evidence based program started by Anne Bastings, a professor of theater at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  Anne created TimeSlips while volunteering at a nursing home. She has since conducted research with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and written three books that demonstrate the value of creative engagement through TimeSlips.

It’s time for TimeSlips to scale up and become more readily available to people living with dementia. You can learn more about how to support the expansion of TimeSlips here.

Click here to learn how TimeSlips is being used creatively at the Green House homes in Seward, Alaska.