The Upside of Risk

Published On: January 31st, 2011By Categories: Blog

“Risk.” This word conjures up feelings of negativity and fear. But Dr. Bill Thomas gives us a fresh perspective on this daunting term. He differentiates between downside and upside risk. The difference being that risk, as Dr. Thomas puts it is, “the outcome of an action [that] may result in something unexpected.” Upside risk is the possibility that something good can come out of taking risks. Watch Dr. Thomas speak about how upside risk can help elders thrive!
What risks have you taken in your life that have resulted in a positive outcome?

Safety Surplus: The Upside to Risk from The Green House Project on Vimeo.

At the 2010 Green House Project Meeting, Dr. Bill Thomas describes the danger of creating “too safe” of an environment, where individuals are not allowed the opportunity to take risks that allow them to grow and thrive.