The Green House Website, Redesigned to be User-Friendly and Interactive

Published On: February 5th, 2013By Categories: Blog

The cornerstone of The Green House Project is relationships.  We want that message to resonate through everything that we do, including our website.  In redesigning our website, we started with the questions: “What is the purpose of our website?” and ” Who does our website serve?”  From this starting point we were able to work through an integrated and collaborative process that ultimately created a usable, interactive and streamlined experience for you. Some of the new features include:
The Green House Model
The Green House Model proposes a radical transformation of long term care with a focus on our core values: meaningful life, empowered staff and real home. Interested in finding a home? Use our interactive map to find the one closest to you.
Work With Us
What is the value of working with The Green House Project?  Explore the comprehensive technical assistance, which is led by an expert project guide.  We provide support in areas such as finance, regulations and design to facilitate successful implementation and sustainability of the model. Through innovative education programs and coaching, staff will develop the skills they need to achieve The Green House model values and demonstrated outcomes.  Navigate our interactive brochure (also an App for iPad: GHP), and learn how to take the next step to make this model a reality in your community. 
The goal of this website is to establish and differentiate the value of The Green House Project by providing relevant and easy to find information for everyone who wants to explore this revolutionary model of long term care.  Please take time to look around, and come back often as there will always be something new and exciting happening with The Green House Proiect!