The Green House Project Photography Contest: Living the Brand, Telling Your Story

Published On: July 25th, 2011By Categories: Blog

The Green House model embraces individuality, endorses empowerment of staff and elders, and most importantly, celebrates life. These values have contributed to the uniqueness of this model and set a new standard for the way we serve our elders. However, in order to fully appreciate the transformative power of The Green House model, the experiences of those actually living it must be shared.
The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is difficult to dispute. A smile captures the simple joy experienced in smelling a home-cooked meal or convening with friends. These types of memories are created daily in Green House homes across the country.

The Green House is excited to announce an opportunity for Green House adopters to share their powerful stories through photographs. We are asking you to submit one photograph and a paragraph describing how the values of this model are experienced through one or more of the following categories:
•Meaningful Engagement: the power of individual preferences, deep knowing and natural rhythms
• Team Building: education, communication, partnerships, and the development and sustainability of self-managed work teams
• Celebrating Individuality: diversity, life stories, growth and development
• Intentional Community: Involving family, volunteers and the community at large
• Dining and Convivium: training, support, empowerment and creating a home
The contest is open to Green House adopters under contract with The Green House Project.  Please submit materials to by August 24, 2011. The winning organization will be announced at the 4th Annual Green House Conference, September 8 & 9, 2011 and will receive a new flip camera!