Smart Money Blog, “the kind of thing boomers might really want.”

Published On: November 15th, 2011By Categories: Blog

Today’s Smart Money Blog, part of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, wrote about a “New Kind of Nursing Home“, The Green House Project.
The author highlighted key aspects of The Green House Project transformation, including the change in architecture, and the momentum to date.

The Green House Project works on the “de-institutionalization” of nursing homes by creating a series of small homes — rather than a huge nursing home building — that residents can live in. The 6,400 – 7,000 square foot homes house about 10 residents apiece. Each resident gets a private room and bathroom and then shares the main living area, dining room and kitchen with the others. Within each of the residents’ bedrooms, there is a locked medicine cabinet that contain their meds.

One exciting aspect of the article is the sense of hope, in this alternative for those who need skilled nursing care.

“This is an excellent idea that could really catch on,” says Sandra Timmerman, the director of the MetLife Mature Market Institute. “As we look to the future, this is the kind of thing boomers might really want.”

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