Research Studies Highlight the Value of THE GREEN HOUSE Project

Published On: April 12th, 2010By Categories: Blog

The Green House model is best communicated through stories.  Some stories are told by people, and some are told by research.  The results of our two most recent independent studies confirmed many of the hopes that we have about this model.  Compared to traditional nursing home sites, there is a four-fold increase in engagement between elders and staff.  That means that elders and staff have the time and capacity to build meaningful relationships   The research also found that Shahbazim who work in The Green House homes report less job related stress than certified nursing assistants working in traditional models.  Most importantly, the research found that our innovative organizational structure that delivers relationships and less stress, also supports the opportunity for better clinical outcomes and without increasing staffing costs. Now that is a story that is worth telling!  For more information, contact Rachel