Porter Hills Speaks at Washington Conference on Direct-Care Workforce

Published On: June 2nd, 2011By Categories: Blog

Cheryl VanBemDen and Darlene Scott

The Porter Hills team takes Washington by storm!
Cheryl VanBemDen (left) and Darlene Scott (right), a Guide and Shahbaz at the Porter Hills Green House Homes in Grand Rapids, MI, just finished presenting at the national convention for the direct-care workforce “Building Ladders and Raising the Floor.” Cheryl and Darlene spoke of the transformation they’ve experienced in their work and personal lives and the impact its had on the elders they care for at the Porter Hills Green House. They fielded numerous questions from a high-powered audience of U.S. Senators, federal officials, foundations, advocates, researchers, policy leaders and providers.
The meeting’s goal was to highlight innovations in practice and policy in long-term care. Cheryl and Darlene were asked to present on The Green House model on a panel titled “The Best of the Best Practices.” The Green House could not have been better represented to live up to the title!
In addition to their testimony, it was exciting to see “Shahbaz” and “Guide” among the job titles on the impressive participants’ list. Please join me in thanking them for representing The Green House Project so well and spreading the word about great jobs and meaningful lives.
Posted by Robert Jenkens (proud partner of Porter Hills)
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