Pennsylvania Planning Construction of "Real Homes" for Elders

Published On: January 17th, 2013By Categories: Blog

After years of planning, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, is getting ready to build a new senior living community. Comprised of 4 houses with yards and sidewalks, the homes will be part of The Green House Project, a national model that creates caring homes for meaning lives.
The Ellwood City Ledger explains: [Lutheran SeniorLife spokeswoman Mary Lou] Harju said construction is expected to begin this spring on four houses. Each house will be 7,000 square feet and will house 10 residents. Each resident will have his or her own private bedroom and bathroom, and they will share a living room and dining room, she said. The development will look like a residential neighborhood with sidewalks and landscaping.
She said the residents have input in their daily living, such as planning meals. The staff won’t just walk into the homes, but will knock and be admitted by the residents, she said.
“Basically, it’s creating a community of individuals,” Harju said. “It is truly their home.”
As Americans age, they worry about finding a place to live happily and comfortably, that provides the care and services they need. Many nursing facilities can feel like hospitals instead of homes, but since 2002, the RWJF-funded Green House Project has pioneered a radically different approach to long-term care. Today, 264 homes are open or under development in 32 states. These Green House homes have been designed from the ground up to look and feel in every way like real homes. Research shows that elders are healthier and happier in Green House homes, which cost no more to operate than traditional nursing homes. We will keep you updated on the progress of this new Green House home community. To find a home in your area, please click here

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