One Thousand Cranes Connect Elders from the USA and Japan

Published On: June 17th, 2011By Categories: Blog

Al Power and Emi Kyota have organized The One Thousand Cranes Project (one thousand cranes are the symbol of peace in Japan). Elders from St. John’s Home in Rochester, NY made one-thousand origami cranes–over one month, and sent them to the elders who are living in the Tsumani affected area of Japan.

The community in Japan lost more than half of the elder care facilities due to the Tsunami and the residents and staff members witnessed their homes and communities destroyed. They are still struggling to care for elders with their limited resouces and space, but doing their best to keep their spirits up. Emi’s friend, Yukimi Uchide, a staff member at the community, took pictures of the elders when they opened the box filled with the Origami cranes and messages from elders in Rochester. You can see a lot of smile and tears in the eyes of elders.
The elders in Japan have already started a project of making Japanese crafts to send back to the elders in Rochester. Emi and Al are planning to cordinate a “skype call” between the two communities so that elders can see each other. What a great way to create a feeling of connection and opportunities to bring care and joy to the lives of others.
Here are more photos (click to view full size):