Now is the Moment to Re-Think Eldercare

Published On: November 21st, 2021By Categories: Blog

Building on our collective strength to better serve elders now is the name of the game these days, according to outgoing LeadingAge Chair Carol Silver Elliott.

In a blog post this past week, she advised eldercare professionals to harness the energy, commitment, and creativity born of the pandemic to reshape eldercare for the better. Her statements about eldercare having a “moment” couldn’t be more spot on.

It’s a familiar and laudable theme for Silver Elliott, who is ending her tenure as chair of LeadingAge. During her final speech at the organization’s annual conference in Atlanta, she urged eldercare professionals to take the initiative following the pandemic and re-fashion how we think about and care for our elders that affords them the utmost love and respect they deserve.

Even though Silver Elliott is finishing her role at LeadingAge, her leadership in the field continues. As president and CEO of Jewish Home Family in Rockleigh, N.J., Silver Elliott led her community through the fear, uncertainty and indignities COVID placed on her residents. She acknowledged the beating the field took in the media and spoke out against the blatant ageism that isolated and curbed the freedom of elders nationwide.

Over the past two years, Silver Elliott noted how much we have learned—and how strong, resilient and connected we are despite our differences. She urged professionals to stand tall and proudly tell their stories, and advised them to leverage the knowledge gained over these past 20 months to embrace new, collaborative, and creative ways to nurture and assist elders, families, and caregivers.

She said the pandemic has given us the opportunity to re-commit and rethink how we care for elders – to partner with them and offer service and support rather than restricting and diminishing them. Within a changing world and aging demographic, she asked a terrific – yet unsettling – question: How would you like to be treated when your time comes?

Silver Elliott’s vision and words really resonate with and validate the work and philosophy of The Green House Project, which isfounded on the belief that everyone has the right to age with dignity.

GHP applauds Silver Elliott and her leadership at both Jewish Home Family and LeadingAge. Her commitment to redesigning the eldercare field, empowering elders, and building an infrastructure that encourages career development and autonomy is inspiring and motivating. Her call for change is simple and eloquent. Now is the time to answer that call.