Mt. San Antonio Garden's Approved in California

Published On: June 14th, 2012By Categories: Blog, California

Passion and tenacity are two words that can be used to describe Mt. San Antonio Gardens, in their pursuit to bring The Green House Project to California.  Spurred on by the belief that there has to be a better way to support to our elders, in a real home environment, where all people are treated with dignity, this organization has blazed a trail.  After many years of discussion, education, and planning with stakeholders across the state, Mt. San Antonio Gardens will become the first Green House Project to break ground in the state of California! 
Mt. San Antonio Gardens is an organization with a long, 50 year history of pursuing excellence, and living values that align with those of The Green House Project.  Since its founding, residents have participated in leadership and decision making of the organization.  While it may seem obvious to involve the people impacted in the decision making process, in traditional long term care, this is revolutionary!  This sense of empowerment is reflected not only in the residents, but also in the long tenure and enthusiasm of the staff.  Their motto, “Service Beyond Expectations”, is reflected in many years of a pioneering spirit—The Green House Project is a wonderful next step of this legacy. 
Wise leadership is the lifeblood of any organization.  To successfully bring The Green House Project to fruition, strong leaders with a powerful vision for change must be at the helm.  Randy Stoll, CEO of Mt. San Antonio Gardens, has a passion for excellence that impacts all those around him,

“We have always had a goal of creating an environment of support where elders can live with dignity.  But when my dad was a resident in our nursing home, and as good as our care was, I recognized that this was not home, and I promised him that I would work to make it better.  The Green House model is the answer to create home and skilled nursing care in a meaningful and dignified way.  While a Green House home was not available for my dad, I am proud that soon, we will be able to provide a better option for loved ones who need nursing care.”   

The Green House Project is grateful for the vision and passion that has enabled Mt. San Antonio Gardens to persevere through the journey that has led to this notable moment.  We are one state closer to making this model an option in every community!