Moving from Legacy Village to Tabitha: A Green House Story

Published On: December 9th, 2011By Categories: Blog, Nebraska

Joyce Ebmeir, of Tabitha Health Care, a pioneer in The Green House movement, shared a story that speaks to the growth and impact that The Green House Project is having across the country. An elder who was living at Legacy Village, a Green House Project in Bentonville, AR, decided to move to Lincoln, NE to be closer to her daughter. Luckily, this move did not mean that she would have to live in a traditional skilled nursing setting, as Tabitha was the second Green House home to open in the country!
Currently, The Green House Project at 117 open Green House homes across the country, and we are working with organizations in 29 states. We strive for a time when Green House homes are an option in every community, and stories like this let us know that we are on our way!