Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio shares "5 P.E.A.R.L.S of Green House Living"

Published On: March 13th, 2012By Categories: Blog, Ohio

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Our Project Implementation Team (PIT) was given the instruction to develop “Three Key Messages” that would help explain succinctly what our Green House homes are all about.  We did our best to narrow it down to three but couldn’t quite do it.  So, with ideas from the PIT and the Communication Work Group, I developed these five messages.  Hopefully the use of the acronym “PEARL” can help us all remember the key messages.  We have shared the 5 PEARLS with staff, contributors to our New Vision: Transforming Elder Living campaign, and recently shared it with our local Chamber of Commerce.  It is also available to the public in our current facilities.
 Five P.E.A.R.L.S of GREEN HOUSE Living
Preferences: In a Green House home, elders rule! Actively involved in the decisions regarding their care and daily activities, elders have freedom of choice regarding many activities throughout their day.
Environment: Home is where the hearth is. Each Green House home provides private bedrooms with full bathrooms surrounding a common hearth room complete with fireplace, sofas and recliners. A front porch, back patio and large back yard provide opportunities to visit with neighbors and enjoy God’s creation.
Accessibility: Financial barriers are minimized. Green House homes will be home to elders who pay privately as well as those receiving Medicaid.  The ratio of those paying privately and those receiving Medicaid will be similar to the ratio at Mennonite Memorial Home.
Relationships: Caregivers are empowered! Encouraged to utilize their training, instincts and relationships with each elder they serve, the Shahbaz (Green House term for caregiver), nurses and household care team grow in dignity, confidence and self-worth. This relationship of respect and compassion transforms the institution of nursing care into a household of love.
Life: Live with meaning! Just as one’s own home provides purposeful living, so the Green House homes provide opportunities to engage in meaningful activities. Bible studies, conversation around the table, birthday celebrations, swapping recipes, visiting with family, relaxing with a cup of coffee, reading a book, playing games and many other activities and events keep the “living” in life.