Meaningful Engagement Through Technology at Lebanon Valley Brethren Home

Published On: July 18th, 2011By Categories: Blog

As written by Karen Love of FIT Interactive:

This week I had a chance to personally experience the wonderful impact It’s Never 2 Late’s software has with elders in one Green House home.
I was at Lebanon Valley Brethren Home in Palmyra, PA with a film crew to create training materials on the topic of “Meaningful Life and Engagement”. We were told that one elder, who is now non-ambulatory, loved to tend the perennial gardens at her home. Since she can no longer work in the garden, one of the Green House staff went to her former house nearby and took lots of pictures of her gardens then uploaded them onto the It’s Never 2 Late program. Now this elder can experience her gardens whenever she wants. I got a chance to watch as this elder’s eyes light up and she animatedly explained her gardens.
Another heart warming experience was watching a 92-year old elder use the email function on It’s Never 2 Late. All he has to do is bring up his page and then click on the pictures of people he wants to email. He is able to handle this activity independently. I watched him after he ate his breakfast go over to the computer and send a couple of emails. I asked him who he was emailing and he said that he has some friends who need a little humor in their lives, so he emails them jokes. This is truly meaningful life and engagement!!!
Sarah Hoffman (twitter: @quirkyshahbaz ), a wonderful and creative Shahbaz in The Green House homes, has lead the charge in creating interesting and personalized programs to support elders to use the programs.