"Look Who's Aging", a Conference to Discuss the Future

Published On: January 15th, 2013By Categories: Blog

Last week, The Green House Project participated in a conference presented by The Erickson School’s Institute for Leadership. The School’s mission is to convene leaders in the field of aging services, through summit educational programs and research, to discuss and develop solutions to the common challenges that await in the future. The plethora of creative presentations and conversations worked to create links between person centered services and the creation of competitive advantage and a dominant market position, now and in the future. Some of the major take a ways from the conference:

  • Scott Townsley, Clifton Larson Allen, dissected the DNA of an innovator, and described, The 5 discovery skills of an innovator: Associating, Questioning, Observing, Experimenting, and Networking
  • When a field becomes homogenized, we compete based on price– Differentiate!
  • Robyn Stone of Leading Age described the need for seamless links between acute and primary care, and use of technology to improve home care.
  • Focus on prevention and infusing the community with a range of services to support an aging population
  • Bob Kramer of National Investment Council, says that this not an evolution, but a revolution and the future will represent a wide diversity of options for elders
  • Will we see the aging of boomers as unwilling and unwanted? or willing and wanted?  Unprecendented epedemic of lonliness or unprecedented infusion of workers, volunteers and energy?
  • Don’t underestimate the pace of change once expectations change
  • Carmen Bowman, “Why do we say Independent LIVING, Assisted LIVING, but Skilled Nursing CARE– let’s shift perception to believe that life continues at every stage”
  • Rob Mayer of the Rothchild Foundation talked about creating a culture of philanthropy in aging- there is 298 billion philanthropic dollars out there and currently the Aging field gets less than 1% of that $$!!

It was a very stimulating and thought provoking few days!!