Living the Life You Love in The Green House home

Published On: August 29th, 2014By Categories: Blog

Cheryl Van Bemdem is the guide at Porter Hills in Grand Rapids, MI.  She is speaking at The Green House Annual Meeting, a gathering exclusive to Green House adopters, on the value of The Peer Network.  The Green House Project is comprised of organizations around the country who are leaders in long term care.  Being a part of The Peer Network means becoming a part of something that is bigger than yourself.  Not only are you investing in a proven brand known for clinical quality, satisfaction and a strong business case, but also in a national platform that will amplify your mission.  See below for a blog post that Cheryl wrote in 2012 about an elder who lived a meaningul life in The Green House homes:

When Helen moved into The Green House homes, we found out that she has always been a hostess, and that she loved to plan parties. Her favorite party to plan was on the 4th of July so when she moved here, she asked if she could have the party here. Of course we said yes!
She sent out elaborate invitations to all the elders, their family, the staff and her friends…Since the RSVPs went to her, we were not totally sure how many guests to expect! 150 people ended up attending her party, and She planned the whole thing with some assistance from her family.
Since this memorable party, Helen’s health has declined, and she is now supported on hospice, but even so, she continues to plan parties with the shahbazim and other members of the home. It is important that she is able to continue doing what is meaningful to her in the present and we love hearing about all the parties she had in the past (ex. the pool party where some guests “lost” their bathing suits!).