"Let's Play Green House homes"

Published On: June 21st, 2012By Categories: Blog
Edna, a shahbaz at Lebanon Valley Nursing Home shares an experience that occurred in her Green House home.  Sometimes, the evidence that we are changing the way people view aging is in the small details of everyday life…   
“I want to share this story with everyone . I am not a writer so bear with me. One of our elders had her great-grandaughter come to visit from Alaska. The 4 yr old great-grandaughter looked at her grandmother told her “we are going to play Green House home. She told her grandmother she will be “Edna”.  I was quite honored! No one ever wanted to be me before… so they continued to play Green House home. They proceeded to ring the door bell, and the little girl would ask her grandmother who she was here to see, and led her sweetly to the table and so forth.  This brought a smile to my face in all the years I worked in the traditional nursing home, which by the way I started in 1977, I never heard a child want to play “nursing home”….Another reason why I love working in the Hostetter House in Palmyra,  Pa…..Thanks to all of you that make it posssible for us to give our elders what they deserve…..”