John Knox Village to Open Florida’s First Skilled Nursing Green House Homes

Published On: November 22nd, 2013By Categories: Blog

As THE GREEN HOUSE® Project celebrates its 10th anniversary, South Florida prepares to open its first skilled nursing Green House homes.  The project was highlighted in an article in the Sun Sentinel.

Kitchen rendering (RDG Planning & Design/Courtesy / November 15, 2013)

John Knox Village, in Pompano Beach, will start construction on the homes in the fall of next year.  While John Knox Village will be Florida’s first skilled nursing Green House homes, “experts predict it won’t be the last. That’s because these new-styled nursing homes, and other places like them, offer the privacy, independence and amenities that aging baby boomers are going to demand when they get to the point they require long-term care.”
John Knox Village is a continuing care retirement community, which will house the 7-story “urban stacked Green House homes.”  “There will be two units — each with their own front doors and staff, and functioning as an independent nursing home — on each of the six floors above the building’s ground-level common area. The units will feature 12 private rooms with baths, a large communal living space and an open-area kitchen where all meals are prepared and eaten.”
Jane Lowe, of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which has supported and championed The Green House Project over the last ten years, says that “Just because you are older, frail and need a lot of support doesn’t mean you need to live in a hospital-like setting.”  And this philosophy is taking Florida by storm, as more and more long-term care communities are focusing on patient-centered care.
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John B. Thompson, a resident of John Knox Village, and Harvard Graduate class of  ’59, wrote an essay for his 55th reunion about his experience at John Knox Village. Click here to read what he has to say to his classmates about the Green House® model.